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Aslan “On the Move”?

If I was disappointed at all about being removed from recess duty this year, it was because I’d no longer be present for the unfolding of human drama three times a day that provided so much fodder for blogging. But, never … Continue reading

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Going at It “Hammer and Tongs”–C.S. Lewis

 Image credit: C. S. Lewis had a good friend named Owen Barfield. They were friends from the time they met during college in 1919 until Lewis’ death in 1962. Lewis called him his “Second Friend.” That’s “the man who … Continue reading

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“Even a Child is Known by His Actions” (Prov. 20:11): A Valentine’s Day Tribute

This post started out as a mini-rant about how appalling it was that a group of sixth graders couldn’t agree on any game to play together except for a certain gun game. When I reminded them (for the zillionth time … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Word: Specks, Planks, Sand, and Rocks

Kids have a keen sense of fairness. Ever noticed that? On my school playground, kids get so wound up about someone else who isn’t playing fair or following the rules that they fail to notice that they themselves have broken at least as … Continue reading

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Maybe He Just Forgot

Image credit: I live and work in a school district where the recent bond for new school construction, among other things, failed by a very slim margin. I could see both sides of the issue, and know that besides … Continue reading

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Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

My niece, Gretchen, decorating Mom’s Angel Tree.             A tradition for the Ohio cousins is to help my mom, “Grandma JoJo,” decorate one of the trees in her house: the Angel Tree. A heavenly host of … Continue reading

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Follow that Kid! Surprised by Diversity–Again

A student approached me with that look–the kind of look that reminds me again what a privilege it is to live in a community where the whole world seems to be at my fingertips (or. quite literally, on my playground). … Continue reading

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Rosh Hashanah: An Annual Wake-up Call

Three weeks into school, and the playground is buzzing. Most of what I’m seeing is good, old-fashioned fun–football, tetherball, jungle gyms, jump rope. Inevitably, though, the fun often brings with it some cries of “cheater,” “no fair!” and “She’s being … Continue reading

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All 180 Days?

Happy End-of-Summer, blog friends! School is upon us, and for some of you, you’re already back! How is it going? It’s daunting, isn’t it, facing a new year? I’ve always loved the boxes of new pencils with perfect erasers, and … Continue reading

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The ‘What If?’ Game–Not so Fun, Right?

Does knowing about the power of first impressions paralyze you? Keep you from starting something new, joining a new group, meeting someone new? I often feel that way. I know I will dump water all over the table, or talk … Continue reading

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