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Click on the tab at the top of the Home page to learn more and to CLICK ON A LINK for the new, four-week, FUN curriculum guide based on Sophie and Timley’s adventures in Sophie’s Quest. Created by a church in Ohio, this wonderful material is now available to all as a FREE GIFT for you to share with the kids you know.

FREE SKYPE VISIT to the FIRST FIVE GROUPS who participate!


Good Reviews for our newest book!

Five-Star Amazon Review just in:

An amazing book, written by a husband and wife team, on the history of Mount Rainier’s Inns and Lodges. Perfect for history buffs, naturalists, hikers, and Father’s Day. This creation was more than merely an endeavor started from a curiosity about images around the lodge. It was a labor of love for a family who has enjoyed Mount Rainier for generations. This is such an fun book, especially for anyone interested in history in general and Mount Rainier history in particular. A short-lived golf course, a tobaggan run, a winter school, the 10th Mountain Infantrry Division, and early female adventurers are only a taste of some of the interesting things that occurred throughout Mount Rainier’s history. Besides the amazing pictures, which provide a glimpse into life in the early 20th century, Sonja and Jeff trace the convoluted path that the various Lodges/Inns took to end up where they exist now. A verry entertaining and well-written book on a beloved mountain.

Buy it HERE: https://www.amazon.com/Rainiers-Historic-Lodges-Images-America/dp/1467124877/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1490731726&sr=8-1&keywords=mount+rainier%27s+historic+inns+and+lodges


SOPHIE TOPFEATHER, SUPERSTAR! has been named a FINALIST in the CASCADE WRITING CONTEST! That’s an annual contest sponsored by the Oregon Christian Writers Association. Winner announced in August!


Whoo-oo knew that trying to follow the Golden Rule could lead to SO MUCH TROUBLE?! Thorns and thistles! But, that’s exactly what happens when Sophie and Timley get back to the Park after their Holy Land quest (see Sophie’s Quest for more on that!). As they try to maintain their new faith and unlikely friendship, some Park animals are not happy AT ALL.

Can Sophie and Timley help the Park animals to work together before the entire Park ends up in SMOKE?!

A timely story for giving kids hope that a divided community can come together, it is now available for order from your favorite bookstore or Amazon. If you live in the Seattle area, join us for the BOOK LAUNCH PARTY on November 26th at Page 2 Books at 3:30!

Here’s another new review of Sophie’s Quest!

Beth Knorr, of Logos Bookstore, says:

I LOVED the book!! We will definitely be carrying it. I can’t wait to read the next ones!!

Puget Sound Council of Librarians Review of Sophie’s Quest just in!

Sophie, the owl, loves to collect shiny things, and when she finds a gold “t” on a cross, she asks her grandfather, Great Horned Owl, what it means. He says that it is the letter “t” for trouble. Meanwhile, Timley, the mouse, lives a sheltered life with his family, and yearns to be outside having adventures. When Sophie announces that she is going on a journey, Timley, who fancies himself a pirate, jumps onto her hat and they set off for foreign lands to find the true meaning of the “t.” They hop a ship going across the Atlantic and, with the help of the unseen “Skypainter,” discover that many people believe different things about the “t,” including Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, and Christians. This is a sweet and adventurous story that would lend itself to a read aloud in an elementary classroom, although it would have to be in a private school. Quotes from the Bible abound and, even though the book mentions many faiths and that all people have a belief in a god/supreme being, there is still a strong Christian influence.

Thank you, Beth Knorr and Merrilyn Tucker, for the nice reviews!

Do you love Sophie and Timley? Here are two FUN activities related to our two favorite animal characters!

  1. WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE SOPHIE AND TIMLEY NOW? (Where can YOU take them next?)

See ALL the fun places they’ve gone at https://www.pinterest.com/anderson1864/contest-board-where-are-sophie-and-timley-now/.

Two examples:

Tampa, Florida, and an international school in Nicaragua! Thanks for playing, Laurel and Leah!

Sophie with flags from Laurel May

Sophie and Timley in Nicaragua with Leah









  1. Print the coloring page below (or simply take a picture of the book cover).
  2. Cut out Sophie and Timley and color them.
  3. Pose them in a fun, interesting place. (Going somewhere or doing something fun for Spring Break? Take Sophie and Timley with you!, Send them to relatives or friends in distant places!)
  4. Send it to me through the contact page or post in on Facebook, Instagram, etc. and tell me where you posted it (you can send me a message on the website or on Facebook or any way you know how to reach me).

Many thanks to brilliant illustrator, Maggie Kneen, for contributing the “colouring” page (She’s British, so we have to say “colouring” instead of “coloring”)! Please see her many wonderful picture books and other artwork at http://www.maggie-kneen.com.



Do you want to learn more about the Bible, just like Sophie and Timley? You can join in on their Bible study (you’ll learn more about it in the sequel, Sophie Topfeather, Superstar!)

Sophie and Timley and their friends spend the summer hanging out in the playground fort reading the Great Wise Horned Owl’s old Bible under the moonlight. You can do it, too! (I just hope it doesn’t cause you quite so much trouble!)

Find Sophie and Timley’s Bible Time on the tab at the top of the website that says, “Sophie and Timley’s Bible Time.” They’re reading “Ten Interesting Animal Stories of the Bible.” Join in! You’ll find a story to click on and listen to, some questions to think about, and you’ll even hear what Sophie and Timley think about the story, too!



 What’s the best day in a debut author’s writing life? The day she gets her hands on her first book! THANK YOU, SUNPENNY PUBLISHING! Thank you to everyone who believed this would be a published book SOMEDAY! “Someday” has arrived!

Sophie's Quest received!SophiesQuest_FRONT-COVER-400

Thank you, Maggie Kneen, for the beautiful cover artwork! SEE the BOOKS page for more details and photos from the great launch party!

Some nice things people have had to say about Sophie’s Quest:

Tate (a young reader): We liked it so much we stopped reading Harry Potter to read it!

Rev. Glenn Palmberg, President Emeritus of the Evangelical Covenant Church:

This book engages the imagination of young minds through a story of one adventure after another. But this is more than a story. It is a book with a serious and important message. It discusses Christian values in making life determining choices. Ultimately the choice is whether to trust the Jesus figure. A timely book in our contemporary world where our children are faced with important choices at an ever younger age.

Rev. Jim Sundholm, retired Executive Director of Covenant World Relief said,

Sophie Topfeather is a wonderful, balanced, refreshing, and engaging tale that I look forward to reading with my grandchildren.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled Home Page Welcome Message:

Have you ever sat still someplace outside for a long time? Long enough to see a tiny spider crawling down a nearby leaf, or for a ladybug to land on your hand? Maybe you’ve spotted an ant carrying a load that looked several times too big. What seemed like a quiet, green place to sit is actually teeming with life and noisy with all the birds and insects talking to each other. When I work in my garden or sit in a park, I begin to realize that a whole world is carrying on that I normally don’t even notice.

This website is for all of us who think that there might just be a world out there that’s below our usual notice. Someplace amazing in its richness, created by someone who loves us all, and who wants a deep relationship with us. I believe we can use our imagination to help us learn more about this very real world that’s just below the surface. And, like JK Rowling said at Harvard’s Commencement a few years ago, our imagination can help us empathize with each other. See my first blog post for more at http://wp.me/p3MZkM-1l. We might have different beliefs, but I’m glad you’ve joined the conversation and I welcome your thoughts and questions.


A big THANK YOU to Lauri Fortino, who nominated my blog for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” this past week! Check out her own very cute website at http://www.frogonalog.net.  We “met” online this past summer when we both became MeeGenius Author Challenge finalists, and she has other picture books both published and coming out soon. Congratulations to Lauri, and a big online hug to her for finding my blog worthy of mention. I appreciate it!

Celebration with my writing buddy, Debbie!

Celebrating with Debbie Austin and her amazing owl cupcakes!

Sophie and Timley in Nicaragua with LeahCelebrating with Debbie Austin and her amazing owl cupcakes!

A fun party with my critique group to celebrate the upcoming release!
Owl celebration

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34 Responses to Home

  1. Debbie Austin says:

    I can’t wait!


  2. Karin Manning says:

    Sounds like a great book & blog!


  3. Linda Koetz says:

    So proud of you! I can’t wait to purchase your book!


  4. Elaine Wahlquist says:

    I am so excited to purchase the book for my grandchildren.


    • Thank you, Elaine! While they’re waiting for the book to come out, I hope they enjoy hearing some Bible stories on the “Wednesday’s Word” feature on the blog! Click on the Blog tab on Wednesdays to see the new link to an audio clip. If they like it and want to get it automatically without needing to remember that it’s Wednesday, click on the “Follow” button on the right!


  5. cinda lium says:

    I signed up for your blog! Yea, is the first time EVER! So excited to get positive word to fill day!


  6. Angela Fiso says:

    So glad to see you again Sonja, looking forward to this new venture in your life!


  7. Adrea says:

    Go, girl!


  8. jim sundholm says:

    I love the concept – I’m a huge fan of CS Lewis’s work for children and adults, also books like the Dun Cow – I’ll look forward to reading your work


  9. Millie Lungren says:

    Congratulations, Sonja! I’ll be following your blog, too.


  10. Christina Kloker Young says:

    Sonja, We are so proud of you!! We are excited to share Sophie and friends with others when they are reborn. They have been a part of us since we first read your drafts. Your Grandma Edie
    would be elated and filled with pride for your inspiration. In difficult times I imagine riding in
    Sophies hat as she flies around God’s world. Thank you. Dad and Christina Oak Ridge, TN


  11. Sarah Perkins says:

    Awesome job Sonja. I always believed!! Can’t wait to see it all unfold.


  12. Congrats, Sonja! I’m more than thrilled for you! I knew it was just a matter of time. I adore your owl cupcakes too! How clever and creative of you! Can’t wait for your first book! Karen Robbins


  13. Annita Presti says:


    I didn’t know you we’re such a writer. My grandsons will love to read the book…DJ by himself and Eli’s dad reads to him every night, so this book will be extra special. Congratulations.


    • Thanks, Annita! I’m glad you think your grandchildren will like to read it! If you click the Follow button on the blog, updates as to release date, book launch parties, etc., will come to you automatically as soon as I post the news.


  14. Dave Jobe says:

    I’m happy to see you on this next part of your life’s journey. The adventure continues.


  15. Judy Edstrom says:

    So happy and proud of you – I know it’s been a long time coming! Looking forward to reading it and getting my autographed copy! 🙂


  16. gigimurfitt says:

    Sounds like a fabulous story. My granddaughter is only one year old but I love the owl theme that has been part of her life. Your owl character will be a great tool to use in sharing the Christian message in books I read to her. Bless you on your endeavors in publishing. Congratulations!!


    • Thank you so much, Gigi! How has the owl theme been part of your granddaughter’s life so far? It’s been fun to see the popularity of owls grow during the years I’ve been writing this series! There are so many cute owls on t-shirts, backpacks, mugs, etc. Every time I see kids at my elementary school wearing a cute owl, I have to smile inside!

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! See you at the next NCWA meeting!


  17. Jill R.Stanton says:

    Happy Groundhog’s Day! Finally got to your blog and website! Wonderful! So easy to follow! Love it!- Jill Stanton


  18. Glad I discovered your blog!


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