About Sonja

Short Bio:

Sonja Anderson is a certified librarian and teacher with an EdM from Harvard University. Sonja taught for three years in an international elementary school in Tokyo, Japan, and she is the author of middle-grade novel, SOPHIE’S QUEST (Sunpenny Publishing, UK, 2015), the sequel, SOPHIE TOPFEATHER, SUPERSTAR! (Sunpenny Publishing, UK, 2016), and MOUNT RAINIER’S HISTORIC INNS AND LODGES (Arcadia Publishing, 2017). She currently lives in Burien, Washington, and works in a public elementary school library.

Note from Sonja:

I write from Seattle, Washington, while watching ships and tugboats go by on Puget Sound. I work in an elementary school library, where I feel like a spy sometimes as I listen to kids talk about their favorite books all day long. I have taught kindergarten and 2nd grade at an international school in Tokyo, Japan, and I’ve taught all grade levels as a substitute teacher in Seattle. For twelve years, I helped children’s, youth, and adult ministries as the Christian Formation Coordinator for the North Pacific Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church. A long time ago, I earned a master’s degree in Education from Harvard University and studied history at North Park College–something that has come in handy while doing research for all of my books!


Like many authors, I grew up reading–a lot. I always thought it would be fun to read every book in the school library, except for one problem: when I found a book I liked, I read that one book over and over again. My dad would walk by and ask how many times I had read that one, and wasn’t once enough? Once is never enough when you really, really like a book, right?

My favorites were Heidi, MandyThe Village that Slept, The Littles, and all the Nancy Drew books. I still enjoy reading them, and I’ve added new favorites, like the Harry Potter series. My husband will sometimes walk by and ask how many times I’ve read that one, and isn’t once enough? As you and I know, though, once is never enough, when you really, really like it, right?

It’s hard for me to believe sometimes that my dream of writing a book–and even several books–has finally come true. It’s even more amazing for me to see kids checking my books out in the library for the second or even third time! After all, once is never enough when you really like it! Thank you, readers! You’ve made my dreams come true. I hope that my books will inspire you to making your own dreams come true someday!

2 Responses to About Sonja

  1. You’ve some good ideas. Keep up the truly amazing work.


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