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Wednesday’s Word to the Free: Phew! I Wasn’t Good at This, Anyway

Gift-giving is very common around the world, but in Japan, people have it down to a science. In a rather genteel fashion, you give in order to “even a score” somehow; if someone does something nice for you (or is … Continue reading

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Ostrich or Eagle?

  Watching the news lately makes me feel like this ostrich. How about you? I keep thinking that if I don’t watch for awhile, maybe certain groups will stop being barbaric, runaway diseases will somehow be cured, and the home … Continue reading

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How Can You Be So Sure?

Talking about conviction last week ( got me thinking–how do you ever reach a place where you can be so sure of something? Even the head of the Anglican Church was quoted this week saying he “had doubts” sometimes. Doesn’t … Continue reading

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“Fun” Facts from Historical Fiction Research: Not for the Squeamish

(photo from Severed human heads on poles, bodies used to test infamously-sharp samurai blades, dogs rummaging for a meal in what was left of the human bodies at the execution ground outside Shinagawa in 17th century Japan–in my old … Continue reading

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Hippity-hoppity! It’s a Writer Interview Blog Hop!

The Northwest Christian Writer’s Association has been a powerful influence in my writing life. Not only have I been blessed with wonderful friends there, but the monthly meetings, annual conferences, and Facebook encouragements have kept me improving in my craft, … Continue reading

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“Everyone is Everywhere”–Os Guiness

“No one will know,” I thought. Living alone and far from home in Tokyo about 25 years ago, I was trying to decide whether or not to sleep in or get up and go to church. Who would care? How … Continue reading

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