Fun Stuff for Kids

Want to see a Great Horned Owl close up? Here’s a cool video of an owl being rescued that was tied up in a fishing line on a golf course pond.


They’ve gone to Bulgaria! Mexico! The Upper Peninsula of Michigan! See all the places at

Here’s the first entry, contributed by Laurel in Tampa, Florida: Pretty awesome!

Sophie with flags from Laurel May

Can Sophie and Timley travel the world? It’s up to YOU!


  1. Print and color the coloring page below, color your own picture, or use the book cover.
  2. Pose them in a fun, interesting place and take a picture! (Going somewhere or doing something fun? Take Sophie and Timley with you! Send them to relatives or friends in distant places!)
  3. Send the picture to me through the Contact page or post it on Facebook, Instagram, etc. and tell me where you posted it (you can send me a message on the website or on Facebook or any way you know how to reach me). I’ll put it on a special Pinterest page so you can see everywhere Sophie and Timley go! The link is under the coloring page.

Many thanks to brilliant illustrator, Maggie Kneen, for contributing the “colouring” page (She’s British, so we have to say “colouring” instead of “coloring”)! Please see her many wonderful picture books and other artwork at

Sophie Owl colouring page2

See ALL the entries at



Brand new, just for you! Sophie and Timley’s Bible time!  Between Sophie’s Quest and the newly released Sophie Topfeather, Superstar!, the two main characters and their friends spend the summer hanging out in the playground fort reading the Great Wise Horned Owl’s old Bible under the moonlight. You can read listen to the story, too! (I just hope it doesn’t cause you quite so much trouble!)

Find it on the tab at the top of the website that says Sophie and Timley’s Bible Time. They’re reading Ten Interesting Animal Stories of the Bible. Join in! You can even hear what Sophie and Timley think about the story, too!


Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that owls can swim? In one scene in Sophie’s Quest, Sophie goes fishing off the ship and then eats her “sushi” dinner.

Thanks to my good friend, Debbie, for sending me this link that proves that owls can, indeed, swim!

At the end of Sophie’s Quest, Sophie discovers an old book that talks about a wisdom that’s more about love than about being smart. It’s the Holy Bible! If you’ve ever wondered how all the stories in the Bible fit together, here’s a fun, two-minute video!

SAD NEWS!  Luna Crane, Papa Plane, a picture book that was due out in 2015, has become an “orphan.” A big company bought the company that was going to publish it, but they didn’t take on my contract. Back to the “drawing board!”%22Luna Crane, Papa Plane%22

Ever seen a beautiful whooping crane made out of LEGOs? Check it out at the link, and learn more about whooping cranes from the great blog that posted it:

Click on the link below for a coloring page to see a young whooping crane like Luna as she is hiding from the fox that injures her mother:

Many thanks to the good people at the Whooping Crane Conservation Association for permission to use their coloring page. See their website at for more information–and more coloring pages! (I’ll post those here, too, if you send them to me!)

2 Responses to Fun Stuff for Kids

  1. mcbradford says:

    Hi Sonja, Love your website! Just checked out The Big Story and will send the Gospel to my son who teaches Sunday school.


    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you like the website. Hit the Follow button if you’d like to get the new post that comes out on Sundays automatically.

      How great that your son teaches Sunday school! I did that for a number of years and was amazed at how much I learned while I was teaching. If he teaches 8-12 year olds and lives in a diverse community (or just wants to understand the world better), my novel, Sophie’s Quest, has discussion questions and activities for kids at the end. Through the characters’ journey, they learn a little about world religions, and how Jesus is different–he is God with us!


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