Courtesy of Cateresa Boston

Have you ever thought about starting a book club in your school, church, or neighborhood? It can be a great way to bring kids together who may not ordinarily hang out, creating opportunities for respectful sharing and listening and learning new things.

Christ Community Chapel in Hudson, Ohio, created such a book club using Sophie’s Quest and has graciously made their four-week curriculum plan available to all, for free.

Certain pages (such as the weekly Recap pages), will have to be customized for your own group, but otherwise, most of the work has been done for you!


Detailed lesson plans highlighting literary and spiritual themes, such as the Hero’s Journey, and how their lives are “epic stories written by God.”

Craft ideas (like the beautiful owl above)

Creative snack ideas that bring kids to the middle east, where the story takes place.

Thoughtful Discussion Questions

I’m so grateful to Cateresa Boston and Mandy Polyak, of Christ Community Chapel in Hudson, Ohio, for putting all of this together.

All you have to do is CLICK ON THE LINK. You don’t need to sign up for anything or buy anything.

QUESTIONS? Use the Contact Form below. If something didn’t print correctly (such as the crossword puzzle page), let me know and I’ll send you one directly to your email.

HERE IT IS! Just click on the link:

Four-Week SOPHIE’S QUEST Book Club Materials

If the link doesn’t work, or you have questions, please contact me below and we’ll get it squared away. Thanks!

Here’s what the leaders who created the book club had to say about their experience:

We had SO MUCH FUN reading your book and using all the creative elements you included, especially the opportunities to delve deeper into the spiritual elements that you presented.  All the kids said that they would love to do a book club again, and they want Sophie Topfeather, Superstar to be our next book.  We may very well be contacting you again next summer!  Skyping with you was definitely a highlight for them all, so thank you so much for taking the time to connect with us personally.

Your charming story was truly a wonderful blessing to me, Mandy, and all our book club members. Blessings, Cateresa Boston


We thoroughly enjoyed speaking with you yesterday, and the kids thought that it was great!  Thank you so much!

Cat and I were both so touched with the stories you shared and the answers that you gave the kids.  The Holy Spirit was so present during that meeting.  I love seeing God work up close and personal, and you were such a big part of that!

Thank you! Mandy Polyak, CCC-Hudson, Bookstore/Library

Where to find Sophie’s Quest:

In the Seattle area–It’s widely available at several King County Library branches and in the Seattle Public Library system. Bookstores in the Seattle area that carry it are Page 2 Books in Burien, His Word Found Here in Ballard, and at the Seattle Pacific University Bookstore.

In northeastern Ohio: It is in several branches of the Akron Public Library system, and at the Learned Owl Bookstore in Hudson.

In western NY: It is at the Smith Memorial Library at Chautauqua, at Off the Beaten Path in Lakewood, NY, and at the Mission Meadows Gift Shop.

It can also be ordered through Ingram by your favorite local bookstore and is on Amazon.

Finally, I’m offering a FREE SKYPE VISIT to the first five churches who participate!