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“Fun” Facts from Historical Fiction Research: Not for the Squeamish

(photo from songkran.eu). Severed human heads on poles, bodies used to test infamously-sharp samurai blades, dogs rummaging for a meal in what was left of the human bodies at the execution ground outside Shinagawa in 17th century Japan–in my old … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Word: Abram Answers a Tough Call

Many of you know that I have a twin sister. She lives in Connecticut, and I live in Seattle. Sometimes we feel the distance, but most of the time, at least I feel really close to her. I call her … Continue reading

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Imagine. . . .Like John Lennon or JK Rowling?

John Lennon’s Imagine was very popular when I lived in Japan over twenty years ago. I’d hum along when I heard it playing in department stores –after all, it was in English. I could understand it. One day, I listened … Continue reading

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Gratefully Overwhelmed, Part 2: Photos!

Last week’s post was all about being grateful–and a mite overwhelmed–for the big transition to college we were helping our daughter make, as well as for the wonderful opportunity to host a student from Japan for a week–the same week. … Continue reading

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