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Interview with Talking Animals #3: Wilbur and a Friend Worth its Weight in . . .Junk?

Greetings! Maybe for today, Salutations! On this Labor Day weekend we come to the last of our summertime interviews where we’ve explored the wit and wisdom of talking animals in literature. We’ve talked with the Beavers from the Lion, the … Continue reading

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Balaam’s Donkey: The True “Seer”? Interview, Part II

Thank you for rejoining this interview in progress! Sonja had just asked Balaam’s Donkey if she had seen the angel for a second time while she and her traveling party were on their way to Moab to curse the Israelites … Continue reading

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Interview with the Narnian Beavers, Part II

[Thank you, my dear Readers, for joining this interview already in progress. For Part I, please see last week’s blog post. Mr. Beaver had just finished telling Sonja that Aslan was “good, but not safe.”] Mr. Beaver: Why, it’s just … Continue reading

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Interview #1: Narnia’s He Beaver and She Beaver, Part I

Sonja: Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, for joining me today on my blog, Books and Thoughts on Faith and Friendship. Would you care for some tea? Mrs. Beaver: Our pleasure, dearie. Kettle’s singing! I’ll pour–hang on, did you say your “log?” … Continue reading

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To hear or Not to hear from the Animals

Image credit: Pinterest (no original source located) Praise the LORD from the earth. . . Small creatures and flying birds. . . . Let them praise the name of the LORD.  Psalm 148:7, 10b Most publishers don’t seem to agree … Continue reading

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