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Wednesday’s Word: The Flood Arrives

So, we always heard in Sunday School that the “animals, they came on , they came on by twosies, twosies,” and into the ark went the “elephants and kagaroosies, roosies,” but is that really the way it went down? Hear Genesis 7 … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Word: Noah Builds an Ark

Does God’s will for your life seem hard to figure out? This story will assure you that if God wants to get specific, he’ll get specific! Thanks for reading it, Amanda! This is from Genesis 6: 9-22. https://soundcloud.com/sonjas-bible-stories/noah-builds-an-ark-audio-clip

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Wednesday’s Word : Genesis 4, The Story of Cain and Abel

So–was Cain sorry he did it? Or, like so many people today, was he sorry he got CAUGHT? What do you think? https://soundcloud.com/sonjas-bible-stories/genesis-4-sound-recording  

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