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Speakers’ Corner and Stained Glass: Impressions of England

As many of you know, my husband and I recently returned from a trip to England. We went there in order to attend the London Book Fair and meet my wonderful publisher, Jo Holloway, and some of her other authors. … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Some Kids I Love

Dear Stephanie, Amanda, Hannah, Erica, Gretchen, Jessica, Annika, and Aidan, You’re probably wondering why I gave you a little block covered with book covers on four sides for Christmas. Or, maybe not. I will tell you about it, anyway! The … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Word: Good Heavens!

What language does God consider his “first” language? Maybe Psalm 19 has the answer! For friends new to this blog, “Wednesday’s Word” is a weekly Bible audio clip that rotates between Genesis, Luke and Psalms. Occasionally, I post “Wednesday’s Word … Continue reading

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“Fred, Fred, Use Your Head!” (A Plea for Common Sense)

Conviction: To believe in something enough to fight for it, to suffer as a consequence of it, to risk everything for it. Pilgrims brought their families to a stretch of wilderness out of religious convictions; abolitionists and civil rights leaders, both … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Word to the Free: Are You as Confused as I Am?

(Picture courtesy of http://www.cakitches.com). Riding in our boat last summer, I saw a man and his dog running back and forth on shore. My first thought was, “I’m kind of stuck in this little boat, but he can feel the … Continue reading

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Follow-up and Persevere–You Might Just be Amazed in 2014!

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I just heard Ryan Seacrest this morning say in an interview that he gets asked this all the time. He used to make up an answer that he’d never stick to, and so now … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Word: The Birth of Jesus

Jesus is born! Listen to the story according to the Bible in Luke 2: 1-20: https://soundcloud.com/sonjas-bible-stories/the-birth-of-jesus-in-luke-2 http://cdn.www.ministry-to-children.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/nativity-coloring-pages.pdf  

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Wednesday’s Word: The Flood Arrives

So, we always heard in Sunday School that the “animals, they came on , they came on by twosies, twosies,” and into the ark went the “elephants and kagaroosies, roosies,” but is that really the way it went down? Hear Genesis 7 … Continue reading

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Transitive Verb, Part II: Stories of Exile and Coming Home

It’s funny–“remember,” like “thank,” is also a transitive verb (see last Sunday’s post). We need to remember something for the word to have meaning. Many people remember blessings this time of year.  We Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, where we remember the good things … Continue reading

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A Transitive Verb: It Could Change Your Life

It felt like an act of rebellion, teaching my young daughter to “borrow and carry” when doing her math. A number of years ago now, her elementary school emphasized learning to do math with “numbers, words, and pictures,” but for … Continue reading

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