I love hearing from readers!

Let me know if I can help out your book club or classroom with a visit! I love to talk about all aspects of the writing process, especially revision, my favorite part of writing, and to talk about the various themes in the novels.

If I live too far away to visit in person, how about SKYPE? I’d love to chat with your kids! Here’s what the organizer of a book club in an Ohio church (reading Sophie’s Quest) had to say after our recent Skype visit:

Available workshops:
  • For MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers): “Pursuing your Dreams while Chasing your Preschoolers”
  • For Writing Groups: “Sleuthing for Success: How Nancy Drew would Get Her Children’s Book Published”

Here’s what Dora-Faye, organizer of the Words, Writers, and West Seattle group recently said:

You have an amazing gift, Sonja, touching people of all ages at different levels.  I first realized that at your presentation of “Sophie” earlier this month — a children’s book that teaches all of us (and teaches us how important it is to teach others) the love and respect your characters shared.  Thank you very much for sharing all that with us in a very warm and interesting way. Thanks to the ‘show and tell’ items you shared, the audience was able to walk away knowing a little bit more about a couple of religions that they might not have known (and we learned some about other countries too!).  

Just fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

4 Responses to CONTACT

  1. Jill R.Stanton says:

    Sonja, just letting you know I am registered for the conference in Bellingham. Now I am getting excited! Jill Stanton


  2. ckyoung2014 says:

    Don’t forget the Writers Conference deadline.


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