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Finding Home

This is a frantic time of year for seniors in high school. It’s the second time we’ve been through it as a family, so I kind of knew what was coming: the important senior photos, the graduation announcements and cap … Continue reading

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Bad Game Equals Bad Broadcast? Not Necessarily

The baseball season is over, but with the World Series going to a game 7 this week, perhaps I can be forgiven for a little baseball analogy today (and congrats to the Giants for their 3rd World Series win in … Continue reading

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Feeling Grateful for Summer Church Camp

As many of you know, it’s been quiet around my house this summer because both of my teenage daughters have spent a large portion of the summer working at the church camp here in Washington State that they grew up … Continue reading

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SPU’s ‘Bubble’ Burst? Not so Fast. . . .

The Seattle Times wrote this week that students at Seattle Pacific University ‘lovingly refer’ to their campus as the ‘Bubble. “Usually,” one student said, “the most exciting thing that happens around here is popcorn burning in the microwave.”  The June 5th murder of … Continue reading

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The ‘What If?’ Game–Not so Fun, Right?

Does knowing about the power of first impressions paralyze you? Keep you from starting something new, joining a new group, meeting someone new? I often feel that way. I know I will dump water all over the table, or talk … Continue reading

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Three Times a Charm?

Have you ever noticed that children’s books often run in threes? Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Three Billy Goats Gruff–in our library at school, we even have a Japanese threesome: Three Samurai Cats! Tolkien’s publisher chopped his … Continue reading

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I Need a Team–Do You?

The wonderful historical fiction writer for young people, Deborah Hopkinson, gives the main character in her book, The Great Trouble, an important job to do. Eel, an orphaned “mudlark” and caretaker of a doctor’s guinea pigs and other animals during … Continue reading

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Of Music and Hope

More than once this past weekend, I leaned over to someone sitting next to me, raised my eyebrows, and said things like, "Wow. That was special,” and “I’m so glad I got to hear that!” My daughter, Amanda, was amazed … Continue reading

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Making a difference in “Life, Heart, and Brain”

Before I started writing my novel for kids, I did a lot of counted cross stitch. I even got a little creative with it and developed my own patterns. Someday, I might blog about how small the world got between … Continue reading

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Follow-up and Persevere–You Might Just be Amazed in 2014!

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I just heard Ryan Seacrest this morning say in an interview that he gets asked this all the time. He used to make up an answer that he’d never stick to, and so now … Continue reading

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