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Play “What If?” and Change the World

Ramadan starts today. What can Christians do to love their Muslim neighbors? Click on the link to read my post on the Christian Children’s Author website:

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Happy Mother’s Day to Moms (and Some Other Special People)

Happy Mother’s Day my mom and all the other moms out there! I love you! You are amazing! Happy Mother’s Day, also, to all you women out there who love other people’s kids with a mother-like passion: mothers-in-law, aunts, stepmoms, godparents, … Continue reading

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In a “Rabbit Hole” with Phyllis: An Easter Miracle

Image Credit: Happy Easter, Blog friends and family! As I reflect on Easter, and Jesus’ empty tomb, my mind keeps turning to a resurrection story of sorts–the recent release of missionary Free Methodist missionary to Nigeria, Phyllis Sortor. After … Continue reading

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“Even a Child is Known by His Actions” (Prov. 20:11): A Valentine’s Day Tribute

This post started out as a mini-rant about how appalling it was that a group of sixth graders couldn’t agree on any game to play together except for a certain gun game. When I reminded them (for the zillionth time … Continue reading

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United Airlines’ Safety Video and an Old, Old Story

Happy New Year! Did you do any traveling this holiday season? I flew to Ohio and found myself riveted to the UA safety video. I even chuckled embarrassingly aloud in more than one place. Somehow, it just feels more fun to … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Word to the Free: Merry Christmas!

 Jesus stood up in the synagogue and read from the scroll of the prophet, Isaiah, which had been handed to him: “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to … Continue reading

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Did Jesus Celebrate Hanukkah?

Happy Hanukkah to any Jewish readers who might stumble across my post today! Christians are usually aware that Jesus was a Jew, but many of us don’t often think about what that might have meant to Jesus’ daily life. Did … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Word: Thankful If? Thankful When?

When nothing seems to go your way, when problems stand in the way of your dreams and goals, can we still be thankful? When the world seems shaken by evil, confused by poor judgment, and too blind to know the right … Continue reading

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Sonja’s 2014 Top Ten Thanksgiving Blessings

10. You, my faithful blog subscribers and friendly blog visitors! Thank you for your encouragement and insights. I love the fact that a few clicks on the mouse or taps on a screen can make the world a much smaller … Continue reading

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Wanted: One Seeing-Eye Slug

It’s been raining a lot lately here in the beautiful Pacific NW. Shocking, I know. This kind of damp, misty, and downright stormy weather shakes the leaves down from their branches and pushes the slugs up on to the sidewalks. … Continue reading

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