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Promises, Promises–Why I Feel Hopeful Today, #6

Do you expect people to keep the promises they make? We certainly don’t expect politicians, even ones we like and vote for, to keep all the promises they make. It’s pretty much a given that they won’t or can’t. Maybe I’m … Continue reading

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Happy, Hopeful Thanksgiving!

What are you feeling grateful for this year? Sitting around my grandmother’s “Friendly Village” china (Johnson Brothers), piled high with her turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy, we’d always finish dinner by telling each other what we were especially grateful for … Continue reading

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The Buck Stops–Where? Why I Feel Hopeful Today, #5

Right after posting “Hope #4” last week, I heard about the Texas church shooting. Crushing. Sure felt like the darkness won that day, and it’s still a struggle. If I hadn’t just written that post about sin and darkness not lasting … Continue reading

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Darkness–Like Halloween–Doesn’t Last Forever: Why I am Hopeful Today #4

It’s the week of Halloween as I write this. Not my favorite holiday. I don’t know exactly why, except it probably has something to do with my introverted personality–I don’t particularly enjoy making a spectacle of myself. I also think back … Continue reading

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“Be still!” Why I Feel Hopeful Today #3

It made an impression on me nearly 30 years ago when my friend, Linda, happily informed me that my new home in Seattle didn’t have poisonous snakes or dangerous spiders. Seattle rarely had tornadoes or lightning or anything else that … Continue reading

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Even in Scaryville: Why I Feel Hopeful Today #2

Really? Really? I can’t think of anything scarier than being surrounded by fast-moving flames, with no clear path to safety. Or how about being trapped into a small space, knowing that a house or office building has collapsed all around you and … Continue reading

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Call Me Pollyanna: Top Ten Reasons to Feel Hopeful Today

Tiny, but actual pangs of anxiety have been coursing through my chest lately as I read headlines from Washington and North Korea, and as I try to imagine what others are going through where earthquakes, hurricanes, shootings, and fires have recently … Continue reading

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Book Club Materials Now LINKED to the Website!

Just a quick follow-up to the blog post from Sunday about the new book club! Thanks to the awesome, FAST, accurate help from the WordPress people, I have now got a link to the materials on the SOPHIE’S QUEST BOOK … Continue reading

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Book Club Blessings–A Free Gift for You

Have you ever participated in a book club? My oldest daughter and I joined a group that met all through middle school. We met new people, read new books, and heard thoughts and opinions on a wide variety of topics … Continue reading

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You’ve Invited God into Your Life–What About Your Day?

 (Uncredited photo from Bing Images) Does prayer make a difference? Most of us know that God isn’t exactly a wish bank: Insert your wish like an ATM card and pull out your heart’s desire. Um, no. Doesn’t exactly work that … Continue reading

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