Learn the fascinating story, largely told through historic images, of one mountain and the people who settled there, climbed to the top, and made the fabulous meadows of wildflowers and wildlife accessible to the rest of us!

My husband, Jeff, and I wrote this one together. Learn more about our journey toward writing and publishing this book here:

SOPHIE TOPFEATHER, SUPERSTAR! sequel to Sophie’s Quest, a novel for ages 8-12, FINALIST, Cascade Writing Contest 2017

Thorns and thistles! Forced to choose between her owl and mouse friends, Sophie doesn’t know where to turn. In a new park, she finds new friends, dangers, and temptations. Can she find the courage to return–and get everyone to work together–before bullying Snarky and his gang cause the entire Park to go up in smoke?

Whoo-oo knew that trying to follow the Golden Rule could lead to SO MUCH TROUBLE?!

A timely story for giving kids hope that a divided community can come together, it is now available for order from your favorite bookstore or Amazon.

SOPHIE’S QUEST, a novel for ages 8-12, FINALIST, Pacific NW Writing Assoc. Contest (under the title, The Owl, the Mouse, and the Skypainter), 2008

It isn’t Sophie’s fault that pesky Timley Mouse crawls into her hat brim the day she decides to board a ship bound for the Holy Land. Thorns and thistles! Whoo-oo’d ever believe that a mouse and an owl can become friends? Sophie sure doesn’t believe it and has no time on her important quest to figure it out.

However, after they go through some amazing times together on the ship and in the Holy Land, even Sophie has to admit that the little guy has his uses. Still, how much is such a friendship worth? Can Sophie face her greatest fears in order to bring her new friend home again? Is it worth risking her reputation–and even her LIFE for the sake of something she always considered just “a tasty snack”??

The publisher, Sunpenny Publishing (UK), has a special interest in boating stories, as well as being the first UK publisher of Christian romance. Check them out at


This one’s my favorite review, ever: Tate (a young reader): We liked it so much we stopped reading Harry Potter to read it!

Rev. Glenn Palmberg, President Emeritus of the Evangelical Covenant Church:

This book engages the imagination of young minds through a story of one adventure after another. But this is more than a story. It is a book with a serious and important message. It discusses Christian values in making life determining choices. Ultimately the choice is whether to trust the Jesus figure. A timely book in our contemporary world where our children are faced with important choices at an ever younger age.

Rev. Jim Sundholm, retired Executive Director of Covenant World Relief said,

Sophie Topfeather is a wonderful, balanced, refreshing, and engaging tale that I look forward to reading with my grandchildren.

Doreen Olson, Executive Director of Christian Formation for the Evangelical Covenant Church of America, said this about the book:

Some children’s books entertain well. Others teach important life lessons. Sonja Anderson’s Sophie’s Quest does both. From the “faint but urgent knocking” of its prologue to the heartwarming scene in its epilogue, this story draws the reader into a world of adventure and learning. All of us — young and old — need to be reminded that differences need not form barriers when it comes to making friends. No matter our size or shape or background, we are all in this wild and wonderful world together to care for and learn from one another. Sophie and Timley, thank you for teaching that truth so beautifully.

Beth Knorr, Bookseller at Logos Bookstore: “I LOVED the book!! We will definitely be carrying it. I can’t wait to read the next ones!!

Merrilyn Tucker, Puget Sound Council of Librarians:
“Sophie, the owl, loves to collect shiny things, and when she finds a gold “t” on a cross, she asks her grandfather, Great Horned Owl, what it means. He says that it is the letter “t” for trouble. Meanwhile, Timley, the mouse, lives a sheltered life with his family, and yearns to be outside having adventures. When Sophie announces that she is going on a journey, Timley, who fancies himself a pirate, jumps onto her hat and they set off for foreign lands to find the true meaning of the “t.” They hop a ship going across the Atlantic and, with the help of the unseen “Skypainter,” discover that many people believe different things about the “t,” including Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, and Christians. This is a sweet and adventurous story that would lend itself to a read aloud in an elementary classroom, although it would have to be in a private school. Quotes from the Bible abound and, even though the book mentions many faiths and that all people have a belief in a god/supreme being, there is still a strong Christian influence.”


This book for teens and adults is filled with encouraging true stories of how God’s promises in the Bible came true. I have one short story in this anthology that is drawn from my life as a single woman teaching in Japan (Edited by James Scott Bell and Susan B. Townsend, Adams Media, 2010).


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