It's Sunday! Time for a Bible Story!

rat image“Wear real pants, Monday through Friday.” That’s one way my family is trying to keep the days from blurring together. All four of us in my household are now working from home and looking for ways to better organize our days. “Real pants” was my youngest daughter’s great idea!

Other organizing principles: We still put out the garbage on Monday night, we still eat ice cream on Friday, and we still worship–albeit remotely–on Sundays. In the spirit of the last one, I’m celebrating the Sabbath–God’s Day–by reposting my “Animals in the Bible” series. Listen to a story, ponder a few questions, and then read a short skit based on the characters in my Adventures of Sophie Topfeather series.

“You, Rat! How You Got Your Name”

  • Listen to the story, come back to this web page and think about the questions.
  • Finally, hear what Sophie and Timley have to say about it!

This is a reading from one of the very first stories of the Bible, from the  book of Genesis (Chapter 1:1-2, 20-26, 31 and Chapter 2:19-20).

  1. What was this story about? Who are the main characters and what are they trying to do?
  2. What does it tell you about God?
  3. Did you learn something new about yourself or others? Is there anything you can do or change because of something you learned? What?
  4. Why do you think this story is in the Bible? Why do you think it’s in the beginning?

Now let’s hear from Sophie and Timley. What have they got to say about it?

Sophie Topfeather (looking very pleased indeed): Adam certainly knew-oo what he was doing, don’t you-oo think, Timley?

Timley Mouse: What do you mean?

Sophie: Well, he knew a “Great” Horned Owl when he saw one!

(Timley jabs her with his toothpick sword).

Sophie: Ouch! Watch what you’re doing sword of yours!

Timley (grinning and tucking his sword back into his red sash): Sorry, matey! It must have slipped. “Mouse” suits me just fine, I suppose. I’ve never really thought about it. Learning that God made me on purpose, not by accident, makes me feel pretty “Great!”

Sophie (putting a wing around Timley): Right, Timley! You don’t have to be big or powerful or even have “Great” in your name to be special to God! You’re pretty special to me, too.

Stay tuned for Week 2: What a Snake! The World’s First (and Worst) Bad Guy 

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ACTIVITY: Dress up like Sophie and Timley (masks, ears, etc.) and act out the skit. If you videotape it, post it on your favorite social media platform and tag me or let me know through the Contact page on this website, and I’ll post it on my website!

Sophie and Timley are characters in my Adventures of Sophie Topfeather series, soon to be republished by Brimstone Fiction. Look for a fun new edition of Sophie’s Quest--with beautiful black line illustrations by Tina Gollings–release date to be announced. 

About Sonja Anderson

I write novels and short stories for children, and occasionally a book or article for adults, too. I grew up in Ohio, and I have lived in Chicago, Connecticut, Boston, Tokyo, and Seattle. The beautiful Pacific Northwest inspires me every day.
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