Brave Raven, Pioneer Dove (Week 3)

Ten Interesting Stories of Animals in the Bible

Welcome to Week Three

How it works:

  • Listen to the story, then think about the questions.
  • Finally, hear what Sophie and Timley have to say about it!

This is a reading from the first book of the Bible, Genesis. Chapter 6 and 7:1-16 are summarized, and then Sonja reads 7:17-24, 8:1-12.

  1. What did you hear when you listened to this story? Why did God resort to such a drastic measure, destroying the world he had made and had declared “good” just a few chapters ago?
  2. What does the story tell you about Noah? What does it mean that he was “righteous”? Does it mean that he was good all the time? Could it mean that he desired God’s will to be done, even if he was human and couldn’t be perfect?
  3. The story said Noah “walked with God.” What do you think that means? Can you walk with God today?
  4. What do you think it was like to be on the ark with all those animals?
  5. Why did Noah send the raven out of the ark, and then the dove? What were they looking for? What did they each find?
  6. Why do you think this story is in the Bible? What does it tell us about God and his relationship with people and the rest of his creation?

Now let’s hear from Sophie and Timley. What have they got to say about it?

Sophie Topfeather (looking skeptical): I can’t believe Noah picked a raven of all creatures for the important job of looking for dry land. How could he trust him?

Timley Mouse: C’mon, matey! Let it go! Not every raven on earth is going to be a self-serving traitor like D’Astard! Think of how brave this raven must have been to do what Noah asked.

Sophie (in a small, small voice): I suppose.

Timley (smiling and cupping his paw around an ear): What? Can’t hear you, Sophie!

Sophie: I SUPPOSE. Yes, he was brave, flying back and forth over nothing but water. You remember how big the ocean is! It’s scary out there with nothing but water below you. What if he lost sight of the ark and didn’t know what direction it was in and he got too tired flying in the wrong direction and never made it back to Noah and–

Timley (ducking under the teacup): Watch those wings or you’ll knock me on to the floor!

Timley (Coming out of the teacup and looking at its leafy pattern): Say, do you know what the olive leaf that the dove brought back is a symbol of? The Great Wise Horned Owl told me.

Sophie (shaking her head)

Timley: Peace!

Sophie (twirling a rainbow-colored feather boa at Timley’s nose): Cool! Speaking of peace, did you know that God promised Noah that he’d never destroy the earth through a flood again? Beautiful rainbows remind us of that promise! I sure love rainbows!

Author’s Note: Sophie and Timley are characters from a novel for kids ages 8-12, Sophie’s Quest, by Sonja Anderson.

Stay tuned for Week 4: The Ram that Saved the Day

About Sonja Anderson

I write novels and short stories for children, and occasionally a book or article for adults, too. I grew up in Ohio, and I have lived in Chicago, Connecticut, Boston, Tokyo, and Seattle. The beautiful Pacific Northwest inspires me every day.
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