You Rat! How You Got Your Name (Week 1)

Ten Interesting Stories of Animals in the Bible

Welcome to Week One

How it works:

  • Listen to the story, then think about the questions.
  • Finally, hear what Sophie and Timley have to say about it!

This is a reading from one of the very first stories of the Bible, from the  book of Genesis (Chapter 1:1-2, 20-26, 31 and Chapter 2:19-20).

  1. What did you hear when you listened to this story?
  2. What does it tell you about God? Does the fact that this story comes at the very beginning of the Bible tell you anything important?
  3. Did you learn something new about yourself or others? Is there anything you can do or change because of something you learned? What?
  4. Why do you think this story is in the Bible?

Now let’s hear from Sophie and Timley. What have they got to say about it?

Sophie Topfeather (looking very pleased indeed): That man God created–I see in my Bible that his name was Adam, right? He certainly knew-oo what he was doing, don’t you think, Timley?

Timley Mouse: What do you mean?

Sophie: Well, he knew a “Great” Horned Owl when he saw one! Ouch! Watch what you’re doing with that toothpick sword of yours!

Timley (grinning and tucking his sword back into the red sash he often wore): Sorry, matey! It must have slipped. “Mouse” suits me just fine, I suppose. I’ve never really thought about it. And just learning that God made me on purpose, not by accident, makes me feel pretty “Great!”

Sophie (putting a wing around Timley): Right, Timley! You don’t have to be big or powerful or even have “Great” in your name to be special to God! To me, too.


Stay tuned for Week 2: What a Snake! The World’s First (and Worst) Bad Guy 

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Author’s Note and a friendly word of warning: Sophie and Timley are characters from my novel for kids ages 8-12, Sophie’s Quest. I hope the Bible study doesn’t cause as much trouble for you as it does for Sophie and Timley and the rest of their friends! All that trouble is coming up in 2016 in the sequel, Sophie Topfeather, Superstar!)

To my regular readers: This ten week series will be posted on this regular blog page as well as a dedicated blog page so readers in the future can find the entire Bible study quickly and easily. My apologies that for the time being, you will probably receive double announcements of these new posts in your email, one for each page. Thanks for your patience!










About Sonja Anderson

I write novels and short stories for children, and occasionally a book or article for adults, too. I grew up in Ohio, and I have lived in Chicago, Connecticut, Boston, Tokyo, and Seattle. The beautiful Pacific Northwest inspires me every day.
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2 Responses to You Rat! How You Got Your Name (Week 1)

  1. vallypee says:

    A great idea, Sonja! Good luck with it!


  2. vallypee says:

    Reblogged this on vallypee and commented:
    An author friend who writes Christian stories for children has come up with this idea. Whether you are religious or not (and I’m not), I think it’s a great idea!

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