Bad Game Equals Bad Broadcast? Not Necessarily

Dave Niehaus

The baseball season is over, but with the World Series going to a game 7 this week, perhaps I can be forgiven for a little baseball analogy today (and congrats to the Giants for their 3rd World Series win in five years. Amazing!)

Dave Niehaus, our late, still-beloved Mariners broadcaster, liked to say that “Just because it’s a bad game, doesn’t mean it has to be a bad broadcast.” He had to sit through many, many bad games in the Kingdome before the magical ’95 season turned things around for the Mariners and helped us get our beautiful stadium built. His wonderful voice, affection for the city and the team, and the way he injected the personal dramas of the players into his commentary helped Seattle stay connected to the team during not-so-magical years.

One of my daughters said something this week that reminded me of this saying. She was reminiscing with a doctor about a course of treatment for a mild condition a number of years ago that hadn’t been much fun–besides the condition being treated, she had early morning blood draws once a month for about six months. What she remembered about those visits, however, wasn’t the monthly poke in the arm, but the Starbucks visits we had made when she was done really fast and we had some time to kill before school started! Dave Niehaus would call that a bad game, but a good broadcast!

Then I remembered the Totally Terrible Lice Epidemic of 6th Grade in much the same way. As nasty–and persistent–as the little buggers were, my daughter and I think back with actual fondness of the hours we spent together combing them out (though I could do without the recurrent lice nightmares!). The time together was special.

These are handy memories right now. Since the last post where I briefly referenced a broken dryer, flat tire, and other household troubles, our other car has needed major repair, our oven died, and now our TV just died! Some periods are just harder than others, aren’t they?

I’ve never gone through anything quite like this before, and, like early morning blood draws, it’s not much fun. It almost feels like a relentless attack by an unseen enemy. Looking for God’s blessings along the way, though, helps me to spit  right back in Satan’s eye. Blessings abound–like the blessing of cozy evenings with my mother-in-law who has been sharing her dryer, TV, and homemade zucchini bread. Or the blessing of a good-humored teenage daughter who is putting up with the inconveniences graciously, saying, “It’s an adventure!” Or the blessing of having a husband who eagerly writes another tithe check despite the challenges and knows where his true priorities lie. I could go on.

The game might be a mess at the moment, but I am blessed, and I know it.

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!  Philippians 4:4

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3 Responses to Bad Game Equals Bad Broadcast? Not Necessarily

  1. Debbie Austin says:

    You have such a great way of putting things in perspective, Sonja! Thank you for sharing your challenges and your fantastic attitude through it all. Blessings on you, my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jill Stanton says:

    I love the perspective on this! It is so true. What a wonderful way to start a Sunday Dave Crowder’s song “Come as you are.” And this post, so true!!!


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