Wednesday’s Word: Abram Answers a Tough Call

Many of you know that I have a twin sister. She lives in Connecticut, and I live in Seattle. Sometimes we feel the distance, but most of the time, at least I feel really close to her. I call her nearly every day when I walk to school, and we email in between calls. We always know what’s happening in each other’s lives.

About twenty-five years ago, when I lived in Japan, it was before email and cell phones made communication so easy. Being a continent and an ocean apart from my twin (not to mention the rest of my family!) was pretty significant, and it gives me some appreciation of Abram’s situation in this Bible story. Could you leave behind your homeland, parents, and much that was familiar for an unknown destination, with little hope of ever seeing them again?

Genesis 12:1-9:

For friends new to this blog, “Wednesday’s Word” is a weekly Bible audio clip that rotates between Genesis, Luke and Psalms. Periodically, I post a word from the Bible on what it means to be wise in “Wednesday’s Word to the Wise,” in honor of Sophie Topfeather, the main character of my upcoming children’s series.

On Sundays, I post an article-type post on themes in the novels: faith, friendship, diversity, etc. Thanks for reading!

About Sonja Anderson

I write novels and short stories for children, and occasionally a book or article for adults, too. I grew up in Ohio, and I have lived in Chicago, Connecticut, Boston, Tokyo, and Seattle. The beautiful Pacific Northwest inspires me every day.
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