Seattle Seahawks “Leave no Doubt”–How about You?

Do you have a favorite sports team motto? For me, it will always be the 1995 “Refuse to Lose” Seattle Mariners, because I became a baseball fan through watching the amazing last half of that special season. The 2014 Super Bowl Champions have a lot of mottos–Beast Mode, Legion of Boom, and “Leave No Doubt.”

Their 43-8 crushing victory over the arguably best offensive team in NFL history, “left no doubt” over who claims the number one spot for best football team this past year. More people than in the entire city of Seattle, about 700,000 fans, lined the streets this week to give their team a much-deserved celebration.

Apparently, it wasn’t even a marketing team who came up with the motto, “Leave No Doubt,” but the players themselves. Believing from the very beginning that they had what it took to get to the Super Bowl, they posted that slogan in the locker room and on t-shirts to remind themselves of their passion, determination, and focus. Russell Wilson, their young quarterback, led them into treating every game like a championship game. It worked, and boy, did Seattle celebrate their success!

Confession time. I’ve only been a football fan for about three weeks. The more I’ve learned about this Seahawk team, the more I appreciate them and how hard they worked to get to this point. I have to admit, however, that sometimes when I hear something related to the team or the game, I miss half the game while I’m thinking about that one thing. The first time I heard the “Leave No Doubt” motto, I immediately remembered a summer at Camp Mission Meadows (Dewittville, New York), when a counselor asked us to think about this: If someone was seeking Christians to convict, would there be enough evidence to convict us? Would I “leave no doubt”?

That question has followed me. I wonder–if I believe in John 3:16, that “God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life,” or if I believe what John 1:1 says about Jesus, that “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made,” and if I believe that the Bible is perfect for “faith, doctrine, and conduct,” do I live like that every day? Do I whine or worry or let fears get the best of me, or do I go to God’s Word for Spirit-led comfort and guidance? Do I try to love others like Jesus loves? So often, I fall short.

The Seattle Seahawks are especially inspiring to me because so many of them are Christians and they do try to live in such a way as to “leave no doubt” about that, too. Several of them gave interviews for a documentary called Making of a Champion (, which makes their faith clear. After the Super Bowl, many of them gave God the glory for the talent and passion that got them to the big game.

I pray that we all can live in such a way that we “Leave No Doubt” as to who made us, who guides us, and who inspires us. Someday, we’ll all line the streets of gold in heaven for the biggest celebration of all for the One who is truly worthy!

Do you have a sports team motto that has inspired you in some way? Share it in the comments!


About Sonja Anderson

I write novels and short stories for children, and occasionally a book or article for adults, too. I grew up in Ohio, and I have lived in Chicago, Connecticut, Boston, Tokyo, and Seattle. The beautiful Pacific Northwest inspires me every day.
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4 Responses to Seattle Seahawks “Leave no Doubt”–How about You?

  1. trdub60 says:

    Go Hawks! GO JESUS!


  2. Katherine Hampton says:

    Great post! Good to see you last week. GO HAWKS!!


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